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WordPress Announcements News and Info

How To Build A Website With WordPress…Fast! Book

How To Build A Website With WordPress…Fast! is a WordPress book by Kent Mauresmo.

Build A Website With WordPressMauresmo uses WordPress, the current standard for website design and has a book and DVD set to help beginners with WordPress.

“I try to share as many positive tips and techniques as I can, including ways to get the best possible ranking in Google without having to hire a company to help you,” Mauresmo said.

Many think that learning how to build a website with WordPress is beyond their abilities or the intricacies are complicated and difficult. Mauresmo thinks differently.

“Anyone who can read can learn to write a webpage. With WordPress, if you can create a complete sentence, you can have a fully functional, dynamic webpage in no time at all,” Mauresmo added.

Those who purchase his book will also get email support. Those who purchase his DVD are allowed special access to the membership portion of his website. There are all of the WordPress training videos available for viewing in High Definition.

“All videos are shot in HD and are completely free when you purchase my DVD set,” Mauresmo said.

The WordPress book and/or WordPress DVD set gets users started immediately on website construction and uploading.

“In as little as three hours, a full website complete with links to Facebook and Twitter can be up and running,” Mauresmo added.

For additional information, visit his website at http://read2learn.net
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