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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Using jQuery to Enhance WordPress 3.0 With Packt’s New Book

Packt has announced a new book called WordPress 3.0 jQuery that seeks to enhance the visual interest in WordPress 3.0 websites with easy to use jQuery techniques. Written by Tessa Blakeley Silver, this book teaches developers to implement just about any jQuery enhancement on a WordPress website without having to make a the content editor switch over into HTML view.

By combining the power of jQuery with WordPress, this book helps to take advantage of the enhancements and features of the WordPress personal publishing platform. Readers will learn to create robust and flexible jQuery solutions for website enhancements such as expanding/sliding content, rotating slideshows and other animation tricks, great uses of jQuery’s UI plugin widgets as well as AJAX techniques to name a few.

WordPress 3.0 jQuery covers the best practices for jQuery within WordPress development, some of which include setting up a WordPress sandbox, enhancement tips and suggestions, coding, testing and debugging. It helps developers create advanced animations using the UI plugin to their advantage within WordPress and create custom jQuery plugins for their website.

Through this book, readers will be able to integrate the jQuery library in a WordPress blog/website by making use of WordPress’ Script API. They will learn to create rotating slide-shows of sticky posts, and leverage the jQuery UI plugin within WordPress’ content constraints. Furthermore, they will also learn how to use AJAX specifically within WordPress.

Developers interested in using jQuery with a WordPress website will find this book to be aninteresting and beneficial read. This book is out now and is available with Packt.

For more information, please visit http://www.packtpub.com/wordpress-30-jquery/book

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