WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

MagneticOne Announces CMS2CMS WordPress Migration Service

MagneticOne company, a known expert in the software development market, announces the final release of CMS2CMS – Automated CMS Migration service. It presents multiple improvements that facilitate website content import from its current CMS to WordPress as the most popular choice, with new migration options coming very soon.
During the short beta period since its launch in November, 2012 CMS2CMS has made a huge step ahead by extending its functionality and gained a wide popularity among the users worldwide.

At this point, CMS2CMS supports these major CMS platforms: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and K2, a powerful Joomla component.

Migration to WordPress is the prevailing tendency proved by both CMS2CMS clients and general trends. Therefore, CMS2CMS Team put in all the efforts to satisfy the demands of the audience and widen up its WordPress migration opportunities.

In the nearest future, however, it’ll add new supported migration options and cater for clients who desire to move to other CMS platforms.

CMS2CMS official release brings about these featured updates:
New imported entities – apart from posts, categories and users, it’s possible to move images, attachments, comments and tags to WordPress.
No broken internal links – the website navigation is preserved after the migration.
SEO-friendly URLs – link structure will correspond to the rewrite rules on the target website.
Updating content – it’s possible to add data to the website while keeping the existing info intact.
Migration Technical Assistance – highly qualified engineers can handle the migration setup to save even more of clients’ time.

Advantages of WordPress migration with CMS2CMS:
Speed – the process of migration is automated and takes from a few minutes to a couple of hours.
Ease – the tool requires no advanced skills and is totally comprehensive for users with no technical background.
Availability – the service is web based, so it can be accessed from any spot on the Earth with the Internet connection. Plus, there’s no need to install additional import software.

CMS2CMS user community grows daily, which is the best demonstration of its efficiency. The service has already performed migrations of all types of websites – from small personal blogs to corporate portals. Clients appreciate that they no longer have to copy/past the content or use complicated scripts to grab info from the database. This not only saves time and efforts, but allows to focus on their project development.

“I had over 2,000 posts and 13,000 users in a Drupal website that I successfully migrated to WordPress,” says Emanuel Sferios from october2011.org. “It was so simple and easy. I did not need any assistance. Well done!”
With all the present beneficial features and even more innovations coming soon, CMS2CMS shows great potential to lead the industry of CMS data migration.

More information about this service for website content import can be found at http://www.cms2cms.com

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