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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Lightning Base Announces Version 2 of its Managed WordPress Hosting Service

Lightning Base LLC, the managed WordPress hosting provider, announced today that it has launched a revamped version of its WordPress platform.

The new hosting system provides increased compatibility for diverse WordPress setups and makes it easier for users to self-manage their service, in addition to the managed services Lightning Base provides. The creation of lower priced service plans makes the offering more attractive for personal projects and small business customers.

“Lightning Base launched publicly not long ago. The response was encouraging, but website visitors made it clear there were some features they wanted – and that they were looking for lower prices” said Chris Piepho, founder of Lightning Base. “The company exists to serve WordPress users, and version 2 was designed with their requests in mind.”

Some of the new features at Lightning Base include:
A revamped web hosting stack, featuring the industry standard Apache webserver, and instantly compatible with the vast majority of WordPress configurations, options, and plugins.
The addition of Varnish cache to maintain website performance.
An advanced control panel, offering direct database, log, SFTP, and web-based file access, along with the ability to self-install new WordPress sites.

New pricing plans starting at less than $10 per month, bringing the service within reach nearly any WordPress user.

With this update, existing WordPress sites can be easily moved over to Lightning Base, without any changes required. The inclusion of SFTP and advanced control panel access provides website owners with all the control they are used to, while the standard setup allows the use of all plugins and special WordPress features such as multisite. This is combined with Lightning Base’s existing managed services, such as site transfer, automatic updates, backups, and experienced support.

Lightning Base Version 2 is now available on the Lightning Base website where first-week signups are receiving a lifetime service discount. For more information and to purchase Lightning Base Managed WordPress Hosting, please visit lightningbase.com.

About Lightning Base
Lightning Base is a managed WordPress hosting provider founded in 2011 and based in Minneapolis, MN. The company provides fast, reliable, and easy to use WordPress installations at servers based in Chicago, IL, combined with an included CDN for worldwide content distribution. Free managed services include site transfer or installation, caching setup, automatic updates, backups, and experienced WordPress support. For more information visit: lightningbase.com

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