Announces Managed WordPress Hosting has announced a new WordPress Hosting product that allows partners to fully customize a WordPress hosting solution to suit their market vertical. The Vertical Platform (PVP) aims at existing market leaders and enables the partner to leverage the secure hosting automation technology has developed to augment their existing business offerings.

Graph Paper Press (, a premium WordPress theme company serving a community of over 70,000 photography professionals is the PVP launch partner announcing today a bundled offering that includes All Graph Paper Press WordPress themes + Theme Support + Managed Hosting and Support package provided by for a retail price of $35/month available at

“Over 50% of our client base consists of photographers with minimal web skills and no time to play sys admin. While WordPress lowers the bar for publishing,’s automated WordPress hosting service makes deploying and managing a WordPress site dead simple.” – Thad Allender, founder, Graph Paper Press

The Vertical Platform differs from the existing reseller program as it allows for complete customization of the hosting package as well as a very tight integration and partnership with support and engineers. The PVP partner has the ability to select which plugins, themes, settings, and default content is included with each new WordPress site. Clients enjoy the same security, backups, and WordPress upgrades that all customers receive in addition to the unique offerings of the partner.

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