WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Page.ly Premium WordPress Hosting Provider

Accelerated month over month growth has prompted the Chandler, Arizona based company to a seek out a new datacenter provider that specialized in security and infrastructure scaling. Page.ly is a premium service that offers a complete hosted WordPress solution. The service offers a 2 minute setup that includes domain name registration, email service, pre-configured WordPress install, selection of free and commercial themes, and popular plugins for the WordPress CMS.
Automatic Nightly backups and updates of the WordPress core files are included as well. The managed Page.ly environment allows customers to focus on their site content and marketing without the technical hassle of updates and backups.

“Our client’s success and their well being have been and shall remain our top priority. FireHost provides us with the platform to give the best to our clients who could not otherwise afford their secure services alone.” says Sally Strebel, co-founder of Page.ly. http://page.ly

“WordPress is used by over 20 million websites in some form. Our mission with page.ly is to eliminate the technical tasks of setup and configuration of a new WordPress based website. Security is a big concern with any web based software and that is why we chose Firehost to manage our servers. The team at Firehost has been amazing assisting with the migration, and their business is all about security.” continued Sally.

FireHost, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas-based secure Web hosting company that delivers enterprise-quality secure hosting solutions to the SMB market. http://firehost.com Specializing in Web site security and high traffic needs, FireHost’s advanced security and comprehensive portfolio of hosting solutions shields all customers from threats to their Web sites, applications, and other valuable data as a standard part of every hosting plan.

“We’re so proud to be protecting page.ly with our secure environment. Throughout the engagement we’ve realized that page.ly really cares about their customers and has a very high standard for customer service. Because of that, we’re a perfect fit.” added Chris Drake, CEO of Firehost.com

Page.ly was launched in late 2009 as a complete solution for WordPress Hosting and as a premium and secure alternative to other hosting providers. The move to Firehost will enhance their current offering and allow for fast and reliable scaling in the future. The service migration will be completed by April 3rd and current clients should experience little noticeable interruption or downtime.

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