WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

Chris Pirillo and WordPress Host, Page.ly Team Up

Top tech blogger Chris Pirillo has joined forces with Page.ly, a WordPress Hosting service that features a one-of-a-kind two-minute WordPress setup, to provide free and premium web solutions. The solutions include a free blog service and a premium WordPress website service. The pair of services are located at Lockergnome.net and were created by the staff at Page.ly.

Chris Pirillo strives to provide an easy way for all to enjoy a web presence with blogging and social media features. “People are publishing content to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. anyway – not thinking about how to archive it or cross it over into their own blog. We’re providing archival options with the widely-familiar, open source experience of WordPress,” states Chris Pirillo, who publishes tech content on blogs, YouTube and his annual Gnomedex conference held in Seattle, Washington. “Lockergnome.net free blogs and premium WordPress websites enable users to take more control of their online content and social space. We are not trying to compete with WordPress.com, just offering a more social experience to Lockergnome fans and others looking for an easy way to consolidate their social media activity,” continues Chris Pirillo.

The free blog service is powered by WordPress MU, BuddyPress, and includes the Lifestream plugin by David Cramer. The plugin allows users to track and archive their social media activity on their blog.
Lockergnome.net’s premium websites are powered by Arizona based startup Page.ly and sets up WordPress hosting, domain name, webmail, unrestricted WordPress install, themes and popular plugins in two-minutes. The service also includes nightly backups and automatic updates of the WordPress core. “We are very excited to be working with Chris on these WordPress projects. Page.ly is a perfect solution for getting a WordPress site setup quickly and is a natural fit for the Lockergnome premium solution.” said Joshua Strebel, founder of Page.ly.

Joshua Strebel launched Page.ly in September 2009 to offer customers a no hassle method of setting up and maintaining a self hosted WordPress site. Joshua has spoken on various WordPress topics at WordCampPHX, PodcampAZ and will be appear on a panel at WordCampBOSTON January 23rd discussing monetization strategies of the GPL WordPress software.

Lockergnome.net’s free blog service and premium website service will launch January 2010.

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