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WordPress Announcements News and Info

TalkAhead Sponsored Comments Plug-in for WordPress

TalkAhead, Inc., an emerging leader in online paid social media and advertising for marketers and public relations professionals, today announced new plug-ins that streamline the end-to-end implementation of Sponsored Comments. The plug-ins are for WordPress, the most popular blog software in use today, and Joomla, the widely used open-source content management system.

The new plug-ins eliminate the need for programming, enabling site owners to install Sponsored Comments in a manner of minutes by following simple prompts. The widgets also let users determine where to place the Sponsored Comments, and from that point on, all articles or blog posts will have a Sponsored Comment section.

Sponsored Comments are paid messages that respond directly to an article. The platform was designed to help marketers, public relations professionals and brand managers respond to stories or issues affecting their company, product or industry, offer commentary, dispel misconceptions, generate leads and start conversations with consumers. Because Sponsored Comment is the first message readers see the moment they’ve finished reading an article, marketers can target readers while their interest is piqued.
“We’re excited about these new plug-ins because so many news sites and bloggers around the world use WordPress, Joomla or both,” said Philippe Lang, Co-Founder and President of TalkAhead. “Between WorldPress and Joomla, TalkAhead has streamlined the implementation of Sponsored Comments for millions of sites worldwide.”

TalkAhead offers a self-service sales channel that enables publishers of all sizes to tap into all potential marketers, including ones they may consider too small to service today. To sponsor a comment, a marketer simply clicks on a link in the Sponsored Comment section and follow the prompts to create and fund their comment. Within seconds, the Sponsored Comment is live on the site.

“The WordPress and Joomla plug-ins complete the automation of installing our platform on news sites and blogs. They make it easy for publishers and bloggers to turn on this new revenue stream. And once they’ve implemented it, there’s very little they need to do going forwarded. Our turnkey platform is essentially self-managed on these sites,” explained Mr. Lang.

Both plug-ins are available free of charge.

About TalkAhead
TalkAhead is a new, patent-pending paid social media and advertising channel that lets online publishers monetize areas of the websites or blogs that have never earned revenue before.

With TalkAhead, online publishers can offer marketers the opportunity to post Sponsored Comments – short messages that are displayed prominently in their Readers Comments sections — thereby enabling them to participate in the dialogs readers are having on the Web.

TalkAhead’s turnkey platform streamlines the process for both publishers and marketers, making the Sponsored Comments channel highly profitable for publishers, and very timely and relevant for marketers.


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