WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Internetters Web Hosting Announces WordPress Compatibility

Internetters, one of the leading providers of domain names, web hosting and email services in the UK, has this week announced the upgrade of its shared hosting to be WordPress compatible.
Following on from recent service upgrades including the move to unlimited bandwidth provision on shared hosting and the changes to management, pricing and upgrading of its MySQL database products, the company has now engineered WordPress compatibility on its web hosting platform and has developed an easy to follow how-to-guide on WordPress installation.

The move has so far been met with positive comment from customers, with many already having taken advantage of some of the many hundreds of templates currently available for use via the WordPress system.

“A few segments of our customer base will find this upgrade incredibly useful, from those unsure how to start developing their websites to those who simply don’t have the time to manage a website development project.” Comments Errol Vanderhorst, Managing Director at Internetters.

The move allows customers to use a hosted version of WordPress, allowing them in turn to not have to move their domain or email to another provider. As well as providing centralisation for the customer, it also gives access to over 900 templates and over 6000 installable widgets currently available for WordPress, not to mention the wealth of knowledge available online created by the many millions of people worldwide who have already used WordPress.

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