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WordPress Announcements News and Info

HostPapa Managed WordPress Solution

HostPapa Inc., the leading Canadian web hosting and cloud service provider for small and medium businesses (SMBs), have launched a Managed WordPress solution under their portal and brand, offering both new and existing customers a fast and easy way to deliver a premium WordPress website worldwide.

With Managed WordPress, HostPapa offers customers an opportunity to take WordPress to its fullest potential by delivering an optimized and configured WordPress on the world’s fastest CDN without a hefty price tag.

So many entrepreneurs and freelancing professionals have thrived with HostPapa, but with growth comes a challenge. When a website grows to new heights, it needs a solid WordPress infrastructure to stabilize and nourish that growth. For those who don’t need or can’t afford a full in-house web development team, HostPapa created the Managed WordPress service pack.

With Managed WordPress, there is no need for these entrepreneurs to know how to install and update plugins, or how to deal with traffic surges, or with sophisticated DDoS or brute-force security threats. The HostPapa Managed WordPress solution takes care of it all on their behalf, so they can just focus on growing their brand and business.

About HostPapa
HostPapa, based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, is a web hosting and cloud services provider for small businesses across the globe that started its journey in 2006. HostPapa is committed to providing a complete array of enterprise-grade solutions to every business owner. These services, traditionally out of reach to smaller businesses, are offered in a one-stop shop, making it quick and easy for customers to select the services they need to grow. HostPapa backs these offerings with 24‑7 award‑winning multilingual customer support provided by a team of experts.

Website: www.hostpapa.co.uk

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