WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

ZippyKid announces MyZippyKid managed WordPress hosting

After analyzing more than 7,000 support requests, emails, and phone calls from the past year, it was clear that customers of WordPress hosts across the board needed a better way to manage their sites. The beta launch of MyZippyKid is up and ready to address those needs for agencies, developers, and small business owners.

MyZippyKid’s features span several previously unfulfilled needs, highlighted by the introduction of social sign-on. Social sign-on simplifies the traditional hosting sign up process, allowing users to start building WordPress sites with no more than their Facebook or Google account. With this, customers no longer need to pay for WordPress development environments. MyZippyKid allows customers to develop sites for free, with merely a Facebook or Google account, only seeking payment when they’re ready to take their site live.

Following in the steps of Github and other code repository sites, MyZippyKid allows multi-user collaboration as a way to accelerate website development and management. Collaboration through MyZippyKid provides the easiest way for programmers to work together on WordPress sites with the ease of an invite, side-stepping the hassle of hunting for FTP credentials and other technical jargon that programmers may request. Most importantly, for ZippyKid clients, this means never having to send sensitive information via email.

The introduction of ZippyClone provides a time saving alternative for clients who were forced to use the same base template to create multiple sites to suit specific verticals. ZippyClone allows customers to take any site on the ZippyKid system, tweak it, and launch as many copies as they want.

The WordPress community is driven by the ability to add complementary services and MyZippyKid takes that into consideration. With the click of a button, Add Ons in MyZippyKid make it simple to purchase, attach, and install complementary products such as SSL certificates, premium WordPress themes, domain names, and more.

The release of MyZippyKid comes on the heels of a new round of investment from prominent figures in the hosting community, who believe this will be the future of web hosting.

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