Geo-Captcha & Geo-Blacklist for WordPress

Geo-Captcha & Geo-Blacklist is a WordPress plugin by Deformed Design shows a captcha image only to countries you don’t trust. Geo-Blacklists allows you to disable comments for some countries.

Geo-Captcha & Geo-Blacklist

People from this countries will not be forced to enter the captcha code. You can also define a blacklist which prevents people from some countries from posting any comments.

The location of the visitors is checked using the GeoLite Country-Library from MaxMind ( The captcha image is generated using SecurImage from drew010 (

Author notes: If you have used the old Geo-Captcha plugin please completly uninstall it (the form is on the main page of the plugin) and remove the plugins files. Geo-Captcha & Geo-Blacklist ist fully based on the old Geo-Captcha plugin but is not compatible with it and uses new names for options and databases!

Plugin homepage:


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