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BotDetect WordPress CAPTCHA Plugin

BotDetect Captcha plugin by [email protected] is a powerful captcha protection for WordPress login, lost password, registration, and comment forms.

BotDetect WordPress CAPTCHABotDetect is unique among Captcha solutions in offering many Captcha image and sound styles. While each of them is easily comprehensible to human users, randomly using multiple Captcha styles makes the Captcha challenge practically impossible to pass automatically.

BotDetect Captcha is ADA Section 508 compliant and provides an audio Captcha alternative to keep your forms accessible to the blind and other people for whom reading the Captcha code could be a problem.

60 secure & readable Captcha image styles
10 secure & accessible audio Captcha sound styles
Custom Captcha image size, color scheme, complexity (code length), support for filtering out offensive words, tabindex control, customizing CSS, and many other captcha customization options
Produces XHTML 1.1 Strict and WCAG AAA compliant markup
Tested in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers released since 2001.

Download: http://wordpress.org/plugins/botdetect-wp-captcha/

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