WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

The Host Group Announces Enhanced WordPress Hosting Plans

Web hosting provider The Host Group announced it is offering three different hosting plans to accommodate WordPress users around the globe.


The move comes a few months after The Host Group launched its new web hosting affiliate program, which enables online marketers, publishers, and customers to earn revenue by referring consumers to The Host Group’s hosting services.

The new WordPress hosting plans are intended to cater to the massive small business market that integrate WordPress into many facets of its business in order to easily create and publish websites of all shapes and sizes and demands.

WordPress enables users to easily create static pages, upload media files, images and videos to their site, link to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, and blog.

The Host Group’s new WordPress hosting packages provide customers with sufficient space, the WordPress platform and a domain name so they can build a strong online presence.

The hosting space can be rented in installments and typically includes, firewall protection, email services and domain registration.

Once they are setup, customers can decide on choosing the different types of WordPress hosting packages.

The WordPress Business Hosting plan offers increased technical support and has fewer accounts being run on the server.

The Shared WordPress Hosting plan is the most affordable of the three WordPress hosting plans, making it ideal for beginners.

Finally, the WordPress VPS Hosting is the most secure shared hosting account of the three plans. The Host Group says the plan ensures there are no hardware issues and that the user will have full control, making it very similar to a private server.

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