WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

ITX Design Announces WordPress Hosting Plans for New & Existing Clients

Management and staff at ITX Design agree, that WordPress has evolved into a tool now synonymous with blogging and enhanced primarily by its open source, user friendly interface. ITX Design has been able to earn a significant share of the small business online community and integrated WordPress into many facets of it’s business in order to simplify the creation and publication of websites of all shapes and sizes and demands, and is now offering (3) unique hosting plans to accommodate WordPress enthusiasts around the globe.

In order to get the best from your WordPress hosting, the team at ITX Design understands that the customer should demand the best from a web hosting service and understand how it works – essentially without a good web hosting service, all your hard work put in on designing a business solution will be for nothing.

ITX Design now gives their clients all the space, platform and domain name they need to build a strong online presence. This space can be rented in installments and typically includes, firewall protection, email services and domain registration. Once the client gets setup, they are only left with the task of choosing between the different types of WordPress hosting that ITX Design provides to their thousands of satisfied, long term customers in in North America

WordPress Business Hosting

This service has increased technical support and also has fewer accounts being run on the server.

Shared WordPress Hosting

This is without a doubt, the most common of the WordPress hosting options because of its low price. Perfect for beginners, this hosting option is also less expensive than the alternatives.

WordPress VPS Hosting

Regarded for being an extremely secure shared hosting account, ITX Design hosting and reseller packages are still priced reasonably, with nonexistent hardware issues and ensures the user has full control, making it very similar to a private server.

For more information about the range of hosting and website design services now being offered by ITX Design, please visit http://www.itxdesign.com or simply call 1-866-577-1442

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