Building Mobile Websites with WordPress

Software training firm InfiniteSkills this week introduced its “Building Mobile Websites with WordPress Tutorial,” a course designed as a streamlined guide for teaching website designers to use CSS to adapt their sites for mobile platforms.
As browsers and devices continue to produce greater variety in web platforms, the web has adapted, applying what are known as Responsive Web Design capabilities. Basic websites cam use a module called media queries in CSS3 to automatically adapt the presentation of a website to client-side conditions such as screen size.

Building Mobile Websites with WordPressBuilding Mobile Websites with WordPress Tutorial teaches all the technical concepts and techniques necessary for taking advantage of these capabilities, allowing users to begin optimizing their sites for mobile platforms in a matter of hours.

Course author Geoff Blake has been involved in software and graphics training for more than 15 years. In addition to his numerous video titles, has taught at the university level, authored one technology training book, and written numerous magazine and journal articles.
In Building Mobile Websites with WordPress Training Video, Blake guides users through building a website from scratch, introducing key elements of CSS mobile queries and demonstrating how to use them to optimize websites for use across multiple platforms.

Blake begins by outlining the fundamentals of responsive design, explaining how to set up a website to detect details about the device and alter its layout according to resolution levels. Then, he explains how to make other key structural elements like the header, body, and footer structures, adaptable in a similar manner.

From there, Blake goes in depth with each resolution level, showing in detail how to set properties and format various elements for high, medium, and low resolution.

“As you adjust the size of your browser, the site actually changes its layout,” Blake says. “It’s all possible using CSS media queries to detect resolution size. I can’t wait to show you how this stuff works, it’s fantastic!”
Free demo videos and a full list of course contents can be found on the Building Mobile Websites with WordPress Tutorial training page of the InfiniteSkills website:

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