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WordPress Announcements News and Information

PageInvasion WordPress Plugin Creates Thousands of Optimized Pages in Minutes

PageInvasion, a premium WordPress plugin, allows users to create up to 5000 web pages within just a few minutes. When built, each page has keyword in Title tag, URL, Heading tag and in user generated content. User enters in two groups of keywords, main keywords and secondary keywords. Most users enter in names of Cities, States, Towns, etc. in the secondary keyword area. The software combines keywords from both groups and the result is incredibly optimized single pages, up to 5000.

Software developer and SEO Martin Walker states: “We are so happy to finally get this software out, we have been working on it all year and are very excited to get it launched and very happy with all the positive responses we have had.” The plugin is particularly useful to anyone who wants to rank high in search engines for a local business. “Local SEO was the core of our focus,” Walker adds. “Users can create very specific, longtail keyword optimized pages for specific Cities, areas even add zip codes.”

“Because the software can combine two groups of keywords it allows for some very curious on page targeting,” Walker states. Users can enter in hundreds of keywords in both the main area and the secondary area. A company may enter in main keywords such as brand names, or specific part names/numbers, etc. and then enter in high conversion keywords in the secondary area such as “buy online,” “online,” or “online store.”

Real estate agents or real estate brokers can enter in the addresses of all of the properties that are listed and then combine that list with all of the names of the cites that they want to be found in. They can even enter in all the names of their real estate agents, driving traffic to the agents’ sites.

PageInvasion has many features included at no extra charge, such as a Page Number Calculator which will tell the user exactly how many pages will be built, an Article Variations Estimator that tells users how many different variations of the content there can be, and Auto Spinner that spins user content automatically, preview button that shows what page will look like and many more.

The current price point is very good also, with so many other solutions charging monthly subscriptions PageInvasion can be licensed for one domain, for only $97.00 per year, which includes premium support and upgrades.

This plugin changes the way that websites can be built, in WordPress anyway. Now users can build all of the pages of their site based upon keywords and custom, non-duplicate content. This may change the way websites are built forever. Free trial online at demo.pageinvasion.com. For more information visit www.pageinvasion.com.

PageInvasion is a premium WordPress plugin for SEO, Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO developed by leading California SEO firm. For more information visit http://www.pageinvasion.com

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