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WordPress Announcements News and Info

New WP Shopping Pages WordPress Plugin Helps Bloggers Earn Money

The new WordPress affiliate plugin WP Shopping Pages which has been released today allows users to easily add an affiliate store to their weblogs by utilizing the WordPress “pages” feature. On the affiliate pages the plugin creates users can display any number of Amazon and eBay products and earn commissions from the respective affiliate programs, adding an additional effortless revenue stream to their blog.

WP Shopping Pages can create affiliate pages related to any topic or niche and users can promote all products found on Amazon and eBay by specifying their desired keywords. The plugin also supports the creation of many pages at once, by pasting whole keywords list into it, and there is no limit to the number of shopping pages that can be added to a blog, so bloggers can use WP Shopping Pages to add a full fledged affiliate store to their websites.

Customization is a key feature of WP Shopping Pages: By modifying the templates used by the software every user can completely control the output of the plugin and tailor the generated pages exactly to his or her own weblog. WP Shopping Pages comes with a wide range of adjustable settings and the long list of features also includes affiliate link cloaking and page caching. In addition to that WP Shopping Pages can be used together with any WordPress theme.

“We noticed that most bloggers do not utilize the pages feature WordPress offers to the fullest, for example often merely having a single contact page on their blog,” Thomas Hoefter, one of the creators, said. “WP Shopping Pages changes that by giving all bloggers the opportunity to add an additional layer of content and a new source of revenue to their weblogs with barely any work involved.”

The WP Shopping Pages affiliate store plugin for WordPress is available now on the official website, http://wpshoppingpages.com, with an unlimited domain license.

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Lunatic Studios is a small web development firm from Munich, Germany which specializes in website automation and plugin development for the popular WordPress blogging platform. Its best known product to date is the WP Robot WordPress plugin.


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