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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Keyword Density Checker SEO Plugin Tool for WordPress

This plugin by Alexander Müller automatically generates an overview about the keyword densities of the used keywords and 2-/3-word keyphrases in the pages / posts content.

With it you can check if the keywords you want to optimize your page or post for has been used in the desired frequency on the single web page. The keyword density is an indicator for the relevance of a page for a specific keyword or phrase.

The statistics will be updated in a specific interval while the author is writing the text in edit-post and edit-page dialog. Thisinformations have informational character only – no meta information will be inserted into your blogs pages. You can use the meta keyword suggestion at the bottom of the statistics to copy these informations into the input fields of your favourite SEO plugin.

Stopwords for different languages can be filtered out of the text before the keywords densities will be calculated. The keyword density checker tool is a branch of the keyword statistics plugin. If you don’t need the meta stuff the keyword density checker is much faster – no code will be executed on ordinary pageviews. The additional code is needed in page-/post-edit mode of admins and authors only.


Automatic calculation of the keyword density for single keywords and keyphrases (2- and 3-words) while writing the content
Meta keywords suggestion depending on the pages/posts content
Language specific stopword lists
Optional filter for stopwords
Update interval for the statistics generation can be changed and switched off
Generation of statistics for 2- and 3-word phrases can be deactivated
Definition of the default language and stopword filter status for authors
Prevent authors and contributors from changing the content language and stopword filter status

Plugin homepage: http://www.keyword-statistics.net/wordpress-keyword-density-checker.html

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