Developer Tools for WordPress

Developer Tools is a plugin by kjmeath that creates an admin user interface for many of the code-enabled features in WordPress and commonly used web development libraries. The Developer Tools plugin can also generate template code for theme development.

There are lots of features, such as:
Load WordPress core libraries such as jQuery, Scriptaculous, Prototype, Thickbox and many many more.
Cufon JavaScript library for font replacement.
sIFR Flash / JavaScript library for font replacement.
SWF Object for embedding flash media on a webpage.
DD Belated PNG fix for IE6
Google Analytics
Automatically open external links in a new window / tab.
JavaScript required message
Update excerpt length
Create WordPress menus with the Menu Manager
Create sidebars
Create custom taxonomies
Create custom post types
Enable feature image thumbnails
Disable meta boxes on the page and post post-types
Add image thumbnail size
Change uploaded images re-sizing quality
Disable WordPress core updates
Disable WordPress plugin updates
Disable TinyMCE auto formatting
Hide admin menu items
Hide the admin tool bar (WP 3.1)
Disable dashboard widgets
Custom login image

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