WordPress Flash Uploader Plugin

WordPress Flash Uploader is a flash uploader by mdempfle and Michael Dempfle that replaces the existing flash uploader and let you manage your whole WordPress installation.

The WordPress Flash Uploader does contain 2 plugins: ‘WordPress Flash Uploader’ and ‘Sync Media Library’. ‘Sync Media Library’ is a plugin which allows you to synchronize the WordPress database with your upload folder. You can upload by WFU, FTP or whatever and import this files to the Media Library.

The author says:
“WordPress has a flash uploader which was not working on any of my servers. So I decided to write a wrapper for the TWG Flash Uploader which works on most servers so far. WordPress 2.5+ includes a new Media manager, However, It only knows about files which have been uploaded via the WordPress interface, not files which have been uploaded via other means (eg, FTP or WFU). So I had to implement something that does the synchronisation. The final result are actually two plugins in one. The ‘WordPress Flash Uploader – WFU’ and the ‘Sync Media Library’. WFU is the wrapper for the TWG Flash Uploader and with ‘Sync Media Library’ you can syncronize the upload folder with the WordPress database. I implemented this as seperate menu items because maybe you want to upload your files with FTP and you can syncronize your files without using WFU.”

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-flash-uploader/

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