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Floatbox Plus WordPress Plugin

Floatbox Plus is a plugin that implements Floatbox by Byron McGregor (a javascript similar to Lightview/Lightbox/Shadowbox/Fancybox/Thickbox). Floatbox Plus is used to create overlay display images/videos (only youtube/vimeo) on the webpage and to automatically add the correct overlay links to images. Floatbox Plus permits users to view larger versions of images/videos without having to leave the current page, and is also able to display simple slideshows. Floatbox Plus captures the image title for display in the overlay.

This plugin automatically enhance image links to use Floatbox, videos from youtube/vimeo can be inserted via wysiwyg-editor-plugin.

No other (external) JavaScript-Libraries (like Mootools/Prototype, Scriptaculous/JQuery) are needed. Unlike Lightview Plus this plugin should work with other plugins using prototyp/scriptaculous like Referrer Detector (the reason, why i made this fork).

The author says: the license of Floatbox by Byron McGregor is not GPL compatible, it isn’t bundled with the plugin. To get the plugin working you need to do a manual installation of floatbox on your own (see installations instructions). As requested by the developer of Floatbox, the download/install option inside the plugin is deactivated in Floatbox Plus 1.4.0+.

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/floatbox-plus/

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