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HTML5 Multimedia Framework for WordPress Plugin

HTML5 Multimedia Framework plugin by CJ_Jackson is designed to be a highly customisable plugin for wordpress that allows advanced users to add their own JavaScript Libraries, or other JavaScript Libraries such as VideoJS and JW Player for HTML5 within the WordPress theme file header.php via advanced options. You may want to have a look at the JavaScript Library page on the project wiki.

The framework is designed to be compatible with mobile devices that use WebKit or Opera Mobile/Mini and XML feeds such as RSS, for example if that mobile device is detected or RSS feed are used the framework will not load any JavaScript and will use the Video for Everybody principle, if iOS or iPhoneOS is detected and below 4.0 the framework will also cancel out all incompatible format from video source list but leave the download links behind, so it will only show the extensions mp4 or m4v (.ext.mp4 or .main.mp4 for iPad with iOS 3.2 or above).

The framework is also designed to be compatible with browsers that do not render HTML5 Audio or Video such as Internet Explorer 8 or below, because the framework will also include the fallback flash player, FlowPlayer 3.2 for both video and audio provided that you include either mp4 for video or mp3 for audio within the syntax, FlowPlayer 3.2 and HTML5 video have both things in common, that would be the overlay video control bar, making FlowPlayer 3.2 the perfect choice.

The framework use two kinds of syntax, the simple syntax which is limited to URL’s, poster, width and height, and the advanced syntax which uses JSON which support all kinds of attributes for video and audio even if it not on the HTML5 specification, see syntax page for details.

The framework currently support mp4(h.264,aac), ogg(theora,vorbis), mp3(audio only) and also webm (vp8,vorbis).

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wphtml5player/

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