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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Constellation Theme for WordPress

The theme authors say; “Constellation in an effort to create the ultimate WordPress theme starting point.

The Constellation theme is the perfect starting point for any WordPress project. It gives you the flexibility to provide bespoke styles for different devices, totally up-to-date HTML5 code which is fantastic for SEO, a flexible grid system on top of all the other goodness bundled in to the HTML5 boiler plate.”

HTML5 Boiler Plate – we all know what it does, we all love it, it’s in there. A detailed list of the HTML5 Boiler Plates features can be seen here

Highly optimised WordPress framework rewritten from the ground up using HTML5

Media queries for several devices / screen resolutions with default styles included
Custom 2, 6, 9 & 12 column grids for each device

A solid 32px vertical rhythm which scales in tandem with the screen resolution

Theme Homepage: http://constellationtheme.com/

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