Image Space Media WordPress Advertising Plugin

Image Space Media (, the leading provider of in-image advertising for the Internet has launched an advertising plug-in for the WordPress publishing platform, enabling users to generate revenue via its in-image advertising solution.

Internet bloggers who are seeking to generate revenue for their sites can now easily monetize images appearing on their sites through the installation of a plug-in that will automatically install the Image Space Media code into their blogs. Once installed, Image Space Media’s system will match relevant ads with images based on metadata contained in the blogger sites.

“We are pleased to offer a cost-free solution to bloggers who are searching for an easy way to drive revenue for their sites,” said Jesse Chenard, CEO, Image Space Media. “Site visitors consistently engage with images, making installation of our ad-overlay solution an outstanding opportunity for bloggers to maximize their ad space without compromising their content.”

Featured on the Plugin Directory, Image Space Media’s plug-in is easily located and installed with just a few clicks, all from within the blogger admin page. From here, bloggers can also contact Image Space Media for tech support and other requests.

With more than 40 million unique visitors each month, Image Space Media places relevant ads on the lower fourth of over 8 million images across the Internet and serves hundreds of millions of impressions per month. Publishers gain additional revenue through relevant, precisely targeted ads. The transparent ads are user-controlled and only appear when the site visitor mouses over an image.

About Image Space Media
Image Space Media is the leading provider of in-image advertising for the Internet. Image Space Media reaches more than 40 million unique users worldwide each month with its ad overlay solution. Image Space Media matches relevant advertisements with more than 8 million images across the Internet and serves hundreds of millions of impressions per month. Image Space Media provides publishers with additional revenue for their sites and advertisers with an additional pipeline to reach their customers. Image Space Media’s unobtrusive in-image advertising solutions combine relevancy with the brand impact of an evocative visual experience. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in New York, Image Space Media maximizes web advertisement space without compromising content integrity. For more information please visit, follow @imagespacemedia on Twitter.

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