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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Mobiah Partners With Quova, Releases Geo-IP WordPress Plugin

Together with Quova, the world’s premier IP geolocation data provider, Mobiah announced today the commercial public beta of its GeoPosty application. Built using Quova’s publicly available data and development API, GeoPosty makes it possible for a site owner to quickly and easily download the WordPress plugin, and instantly show content relevant to the geographic location of a visitor to their website.

“Quova’s IP repository is the most accurate on-demand service you can find,” said Mobiah CEO Luke Pilon. “We wanted to take that value and make it even easier for brand owners to implement. If you can install a WordPress plugin, you can now leverage IP geolocation for your visitors.”

“GeoPosty unlocks the power of IP geolocation for WordPress users everywhere,” said Jay Webster, chief product officer, Quova, Inc. “Mobiah approached us about developing this toolkit, just as we made our REST API available – now IP geo data is at your finger tips, in the real world.”

GeoIP is a technology that takes a computer’s anonymous, virtual location on the Internet and locates it in the real world. GeoPosty leverages the IP geolocation data provided by Quova to first identify a user’s location, and then display maps, weather, local business listings, and other kinds of content that are specific to the user’s location.

Traditionally, IP geolocation features have been targeted at improving the experience or information available to a publisher. GeoPosty’s features allow site owners to use geolocation to improve the experience of their customers, without invading their privacy. Locally-based, brick and mortar businesses will be able to use GeoPosty to make strong connections with potential customers by offering things like coupons to local residents, surveys to a specified geographic area, and other kinds of location-based content.

The GeoPosty software is in public beta and Mobiah is offering up 10,000 monthly queries for all new GeoPosty subscribers for a limited time. Paid usage of the plugin may be purchased for users above that level.


Mobiah, founded in 2009, builds premium WordPress plugins geared toward engaging community and optimizing targeting efforts. In addition to releasing their own suite of products, Mobiah has provided consulting services and mobile application development for national brands, non-profits, community organizations and startups. Mobiah’s headquarters are in an old coffee factory in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego. www.mobiah.com


The Mobiah partnership represents a new effort by Quova to make its IP intelligence data available to application developers working on a wide variety of platforms. A full-fledged Developer Portal will be launched in Fall 2010. Quova’s high-quality, IP intelligence and geolocation data gives advertising agencies, publishers, and web design firms the tools develop applications, and deliver content that is customized for a distinct locale and end-user. Quova is based in downtown Mountain View, California. www.quova.com

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