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WordPress Announcements News and Information

SEOPressor WordPress Plugin

The internet market is now being shaken and stirred by a WordPress SEO plugin called SEOPressor. The creator Daniel Tan has announced that his SEO plugin is now powering and automating over 500,000 sites in less than a month.

This newly released on page SEO checklist plugin claims it can bring any WordPress site in any niche to the first page and the #1 ranking in the Google search engines. SEOPressor plugin is gaining in popularity with several thousands of downloads in such a short amount of promotional time. Daniel Tan deserves all the credit for the development and single-handedly marketing SEOPressor and other products related to the same niche.

SEOPressor will perform a multitude of tasks including the analysis of your pages or posts to give the webmaster a clear picture of the value of the website. It also has the capabilities to optimize articles to be submitted to various directories. This WordPress plugin will automatically optimize certain on page SEO factors. The remainder search engine optimization ranking factors can simply be modified whenever it is suggested by SEOPressor’s script.

Daniel Tan’s WordPress plug-in will analyze what is considered the most important on page factors. Starting with title tags, H1, H2, H3 tags, keyword density and content length, exact placement of your keywords, images and links, font decorations, will add alt tags to images, test and rate each post or page, reveals an on page SEO score even when the content has changed and last but not least SEOPressor provides a one-glance fast and easy SEO management of your website.

These tasks would typically take a webmaster a lot of time to implement into the large volume of posts with no guarantee of results, but SEOPressor was designed to perform all the important factors related to on page search engine optimization in an automatic and efficient manner.

The SEOPressor plugin basically improves the search engine rating of WordPress sites, helping them to get to the #1 position on Google, which is vital to bringing a huge volume of traffic to any website.

Daniel Tan will never reveal SEOPressor’s secret algorithm that correlates with Google’s algorithm. This has all been tested and proven to closely match how Google ranks websites. SEOPressor will help you to rank better than 90% of other websites. With the automation of SEOPressor it is easy to see why this little SEO plug-in is gaining in popularity and is now powering over 500,000 sites.


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