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WordPress Announcements News and Information

SEOPressor Launches Trial For Their Best WordPress SEO Content Marketing Software

SEOPressor, now in it’s third year of development, is widely considered as the mandatory SEO plugin for WordPress. As part of the worldwide release of it’s latest version, SEOPressor is offering users an opportunity to take SEOPressor V5 for a test drive for a full 14 days. This is the first time the SEOPressor team has offered such a trial and the company is excited about this. The trial consists of 14-days use of the fully-functional SEOPressor V5 WordPress SEO software. In addition to that, users making use of the trial will also be getting a complimentary full featured comprehensive course on traffic generation.

“We can talk about how good & innovative SEOPressor V5 is”, said Daniel Tan, CEO & Founder of SEOPressor. “But unless you try it, you won’t be able to comprehend all the possibilities in which it benefits your WordPress website. And that’s why we are offering the trial for all new customers.” He also added that his company aims to add great value to the WordPress community by providing great insights on how to quickly start and build a profitable website through the numerous courses available on SEOPressor.com.

In the world of internet marketing and it’s quick changes, SEO is the only element that consistently proves to be the secret behind every successful online business, no matter how small or large it is. However, it is not an easy task to gain visibility on the search engines these days with millions of websites around trying their luck.

Those websites operating on the WordPress platform can get a significant edge by using SEOPressor V5 and it’s innovative google-safe algorithm that’s always ahead of its game. SEOPressor V5 also comes with a Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Analysis tool that helps content writers uncover new profitable keywords in addition to the focus keywords to exponentially widen the SEO reach.

Testing for the new SEOPressor V5 has been going on since January this year and the feedback from users have been nothing but fantastic. The new SEOPressor V5 provides five new unique features that greatly improves the chances of a WordPress website to rank significantly higher on Google. The new algorithm has been refined, revamped and perfected and now serving more than 128,000 of current SEOPressor users.

One of the highlights of the new SEOPressor V5 WordPress SEO plugin is its ability to warn webmasters of over-optimization with it’s cleverly innovative over-optimization warning tool. This helps a great deal in preventing any Google penalties which can happen if the users inadvertently over-optimize their site. SEOPressor V5 eliminates the guesswork out of WordPress content marketing and helps any website owners to consistently grow their online assets.

About SEOPressor: SEOPressor is a widely used WordPress SEO plugin that acts as a WordPress webmaster’s personal SEO consultant by providing specific step-by-step content optimization tools which will get any WordPress website to not only rank higher on google but also keeps it there in the long term. Content optimization for WordPress used to be hard because of the various elements involved and the always changing aspect of searching engine algorithms. With SEOPressor content marketing software, WordPress webmasters are able to focus their time and effort on the idea generation part of their business instead of wasting it on the mundane SEO stuff.

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