WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

WordPress Website Hosting and Shopping Cart Plugin by Cart32

Cart32 has recently generated affordable WordPress website hosting and a new WordPress shopping cart plugin. Boasting many years’ experience in creating user-friendly e-commerce software, they now offer cheap and fast hosting with the popular blogging system at just $5 per month. Clients can purchase bundles that include the new plugin designed by Cart32 to connect their shopping cart to a WordPress site. With this technology, businesses and entrepreneurs can easily add products to their posts that maintain the quality appearance of their blog.

Online shopping carts designed by Cart32 are easy to use and customizable, made to complement their client’s website or blog. WordPress-compatible shopping cart software by Cart32 contains many features including customizable tax and shipping options, capability for discounts and gift certificates, one page checkout, built in payment access with the Cart32 Merchant Account, and support for numerous third party payment enterprises including PayPal and Amazon.

With Cart32, businesses can provide straightforward shopping and payment experiences for their customers, which in turn generate more sales. The online shopping cart provider takes pride in helping businesses successfully sell products over the internet and manage inventory. Offering thorough and competitive e-commerce services, Cart32 is an all-inclusive shopping cart software provider. Getting started is easy and fast. Furthermore, processing can be completed within 15 minutes. The website features numerous support pages and videos that guide clients through the e-commerce process. Friendly and informative customer service is available over the phone every day of the year and all hours of the day.

To get started on Cart32’s e-commerce WordPress plugin, visit http://www.wordpress.org/plugins/cart32-shopping-cart/, and to utilize their affordable WordPress site hosting services, visit http://www.wordpresshosting32.com/. A free 10 day trial of Cart32’s shopping cart software is available for businesses interested in a comprehensible solution for their e-commerce website now at https://www.cart32.com/information/trial-signup.

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