BuddyPress Registration Groups Plugin

This plugin by Eric Johnson is built to display BuddyPress groups on the new user registration page in a list where the user can select, via checkbox, which groups they would like to join immediately. Only Public and Private groups are shown; no Hidden groups will be available. The selected group’s IDs are stored in the following locations:

usermeta table – for WordPress/BuddyPress installations
meta field of signups table – for WP3/BuddyPress or WPMU/BuddyPress installations

Plugin homepage: http://hardlyneutral.com/wordpress-plugins/

Also has details of:

Group Author List
Description: Built for use with WordPress MU and BuddyPress. Displays a list of authors based on the group selected in the widget settings. Multiple widgets are allowed.

Custom Groups Name
Description: Built for use with WordPress MU and BuddyPress. Replaces the term “Groups” with the term “Communities”. Any information written to the “site activity” prior to the plugin activation will still say “Groups” and will need to be changed manually in the database.

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