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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Related RSS Plugin Now Powers Over 1.5 Million WordPress Pages

ACME Traffic, LLC announced today that their most popular premium WordPress RSS Plugin passed a milestone this week, now powering RSS feeds on over 1.5 million web pages. The RSS plugin, called the “Related RSS Plugin” was released only 5 months ago, in July 2011.

“In that short amount of time,” says ACME Traffic Chief Technologist Dan Nickerson, “WordPress owners have been flocking to the Related RSS Plugin to help them rank higher on Google for important, money-making keywords.”

RSS, which stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, is a way for websites to share “news feeds” from their sites. WordPress, which is the most popular blogging and content management system for websites, is often chosen by site builders because Google seems to naturally love sites built with WordPress. WordPress plugins are used to extend the functionality of a WordPress-powered website. Sites built with WordPress tend to rank higher than similar sites built by hand, or with other content management systems.

But still, the most important keywords are hotly contested by millions of websites, and smart WordPress site administrators are always on the lookout for an SEO advantage to get their site to rank on page one of Google. That is why WordPress SEO plugins are so popular — they help sites rank higher on Google.

And that is also why the Related RSS Plugin has been chosen so often by WordPress owners. The standard WordPress RSS widget, which is free, has a major flaw.

Mark Widawer, the ACME Traffic Chief SEO Strategist explains, “Google’s highest value is ‘relevance’. The more relevant the content on a page is to the words that a Google user is searching for, the better match Google will believe the page to be, and the more likely Google is to rank that page highly for that specific keyword.”

Widawer continued, “And while that concept is very simple, the WordPress RSS widget fails at relevance because it puts the exact same RSS feed on every page of a WordPress site. So, if a site is all about pets, and there are pages about dogs, cats, and fish, they may end up with content about birds, snakes and mice, and those topics are NOT relevant.”

“Our WordPress RSS Plugin, the Related RSS Plugin,” said Nickerson, “actually seeks out keyword-targeted content for each and every page or post of a site. So, your dog post will have dog stories, your cat post will have cat stories, and your fish post will have fish stories, all through RSS. And that makes sites powered by the Related RSS Plugin rise higher in Google, and frequently on page one of Google.”

The Related RSS Plugin is a premium WordPress plugin and is not available through the WordPress Plugin Repository. Instead, WordPress owners will find the premium WordPress RSS plugin at www.RelatedRSSplugin.com. Downloading and installing the Related RSS plugin takes about 4 minutes. A feature and installation video is on the home page of the site, as is free support for registered users.

Evaluation copies of the Related RSS Plugin are available to qualified technology media and review bloggers at www.RelatedRSSplugin.com/media.

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