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Head First WordPress: A Brain-Friendly Guide to Creating Your Own Custom WordPress Blog

Want to move past your own basic blog? Ever wonder how the big professional blogs handle such large sites with multiple authors? Whether you’re promoting your business or writing about your travel adventures, Head First WordPress ( O’Reilly Media, $34.99 USD ) will teach you not only how to make your blog look unique and attention-grabbing, but also how to dig into the more complex functionality available on the WordPress platform.

“My book will help give users more control over their web publishing,” says Web and User Experience designer Jeff Siarto. “We spend time dealing with WordPress as a content management system and the real-life work of managing a site on the web. It’s the next step toward Webmaster status.”

While reading Head First WordPress, you’ll learn how to customize your blog with your own URL and templates, embed video and audio, support multiple authors, and much more. By the end of this book, you’ll have a full-fledged website.

Get your site up and running by setting up a MySQL database and creating configuration files
Work with the WordPress platform to create posts and pages, learn the difference between tags and categories, edit content, moderate comments, and manage spam
Explore how to extend WordPress with plugins and templates
Convert custom designs ( in HTML and CSS ) into functional themes and use them in WordPress

Siarto continues, “I think many people are scared off by the PHP code they see and figure it’s best not to touch things. My book encourages users to ‘hack’ around in their WordPress themes to make custom changes and learn how things work under the hood.”

Advance Praise
“There are a lot of WordPress books out there, but Head First WordPress once again proves that [this] series is the gold standard for smart, readable, easy-to-use reference guides for creative web users everywhere.”
—Paul Andrews, author and journalist

“This friendly book offers tips that I haven’t seen in other books, and features useful, real-world scenarios to help get you up to speed with the latest version of WordPress quickly.”
—Jim Doran, software engineer

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Jeff Siarto is a Web and User Experience designer living in Chicago. He is the founder of Siarto Labs, a small design company and co-founder of Loudpixel, a consultancy specializing in web development and online learning. Jeff was a student of the standards-based web design movement and writes articles and tutorials aimed at helping new web designers get started in the craft.

Additional Resources:
For more information about the book, including sample content, full table of contents, author bio, and cover graphic, see: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/9780596805340.

Title: Head First WordPress
By: Jeff Siarto
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Formats: Print Ebook Safari Books Online
Print Release: July 2010
Ebook Release: July 2010
Pages: 368
Print ISBN:978-0-596-80628-6 | ISBN 10:0-596-80628-0
Ebook ISBN:978-0-596-55966-3 | ISBN 10: 0-596-55966-6

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