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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress Events Manager Extended Plugin

Events Manager Extended by Franky Van Liedekerke is based on Events Manager (http://davidebenini.it)

Events Manager Extended is a full-featured event management solution for WordPress. Events Manager Extended supports recurring events, venues data, RSVP and maps. With Events Manager Extended you can plan and publish your tour, or let people reserve spaces for your weekly meetings. You can then add events list, calendars and description to your blog using a sidebar widget or shortcodes; if you’re a web designer you can simply employ the template tags provided by Events Manager Extended.

Events Manager Extended integrates with Google Maps; thanks the geocoding, Events Manager Extended can find the location of your events, and accordingly display a map. To enable Google Maps integration, you need a Google maps API key, which you can obtain freely at the Google Maps API Signup Page.

Events Manager Extended provides also a RSS feed, to keep your subscribers updated about the events you’re organising.

Events Manager Extended is fully customisable; you can customise the amount of data displayed and their format in events lists, pages and in the RSS feed. You can choose to show or hide the events page, and change its title.

Events Manager Extended is fully localisable and already partially localised in Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish.

Plugin homepage and full install and config info: http://www.e-dynamics.be/wordpress/

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