WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

IndiaNIC Announces Testimonial Plugin for WordPress

IndiaNIC, a leading Mobile and Web Development Company released its WordPress Testimonial Plugin on 26 June, 2012 in attempt to have a better control over the comments that others said about the blog. The plugin works on WordPress version 3.0 or higher and is compatible up to 3.0.5.

The testimonial plugin allows the user to add, delete and edit the text. With a better control over testimonials, the widget has unique features that can adorn the blog and increase the beauty. “With this wonderful gadget, the users can easily manage the testimonials on their websites as it specifies the number of testimonials to be displayed”, said Custom WordPress Plugins Development Head at the company. To attempt to make the WordPress experience better, the teams at special development department of the company regularly comes up with innovative ideas.

Other features that make this WordPress plugin experience better is the user can add images and video URLs to the testimonials. Furthermore, the WordPress Add-on development has been done in a way that it can fetch Client’s name, country, description, project URL, project name and such relevant information that gives the reader a better approach to the testimony.

The users can also create multiple testimonial listing templates or simply create widget template as per their choice. The testimonial Plugin for WordPress users helps collecting useful information from every verdict. Such information includes collecting Thumb Image, Large Image, Description, Tags, Video URL and many more. The user can also have a whole-new page that displays all the testimonials straightaway as many visitors prefer searching on the websites or blogs. In this way, the users no longer will have hassles managing their testimonials.

IndiaNIC is in constant effort to provide useful WordPress Plugins that make blog or website dynamic and lovely. The programmers just don’t focus on overall design but also consider the usability and need of the visitor. “The user can filter by tags and country and also create multiple widget templates. This adds value to the website or blog as most of the visitors do prefer going through testimonials before hiring any services or purchasing products from the webpage,” added Chief Programmer in WordPress Add-ons Development Department.

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