WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

CMS Plugins for WordPress

CMS – A collection of plugins to make WordPress feel more like a CMS. includes plugins like Multiple content blocks, Page manager and a FAQ plugin.

Includes an admin panel to switch all adjustments on or off.

This plugin makes it easier for developers to create website with WordPress and for their clients to manage these websites.

More Info: http://plugins.trendwerk.nl

The Pods CMS Plugin is a CMS framework for WordPress. It’s a plugin that sits on top of WordPress, allowing you to add and display your own content types.


Package Manager » import + export pieces of your site

Menu Editor » organize your pages to generate sitemaps, navigation menus, and breadcrumbs

Roles » lightweight permissions system

API » access and modify the data programatically

More Info: http://pods.uproot.us/

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