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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Web Editors CMS Plugin Collection for WordPress

Web Editors CMS is a plugin collection that enables the use of WordPress 3 as a branded CMS. Includes Web Editors custom plugins and some extra’s.

It is intended as an all-in-one package. Using this plugin in combination with the recommended plugins (17) will turn WordPress into a CMS tool

This plugin will let you know what other plugins to install. You will find the configuration settings under the “Settings” menu.

The Capability Manager provides a simple way to manage role capabilities. Using it, you will be able to change the capabilities of any role, add new roles, copy existing roles into new ones, and add new capabilities to existing roles. You can also delegate capabilities management to other users. In this case, some restrictions apply to this users, as them can only set/unset the capabilities they have. With the Backup/Restore tool, you can save your Roles and Capabilities before making changes and revert them if something goes wrong. You’ll find it on the Tools menu.

Capability manager has been tested to support only one role per user.
Only users with ‘manage_capabilities’ can manage them. This capability is created at install time and assigned only to administrators.
Administrator role cannot be deleted.
Non-administrators can only manage roles or users with same or lower capabilities.

Brand WordPress
Customize Dashboard
Add Permalink shortcodes into CMS
Multiple content blocks
Cleans up Messy Dashboard
Easily edit pages from admin menu – Adds all pages in drop down of admin pages menu
Manage role capabilities
Create new roles or delete existing ones.
Add new capabilities to any existing role.
Backup and restore Roles and Capabilities to revert your last changes.
Revert Roles and Capabilities to WordPress defaults.

This plugin requires php version 5 WordPress Version: 3.0 or higher Compatible up to: 3.0.4

List of recommended plugins, info and download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/web-editors-cms/

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