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Htaccess Secure Files for WordPress

Htaccess Secure Files is a WordPress plugin by isaacchapman that allows for setting specific files to be accessible only to visitors who have a set WordPress role or capability. By using .htaccess files to secure the content instead of a separate directory outside the web root, WordPress’s native media library functionality can be used to upload secure files and link to them from within the visual editor.

By default all built-in WordPress roles will be allowed to access content that is marked as secure. The Settings -> Secure Files admin screen controls which roles and capabilities are allowed to view or download secured files. If a custom role or capability is desired, there are several WordPress plugins capable of creating and editing roles and capabilities.

The Htaccess Secure Files plugin can only be activated on Apache web servers with mod_rewrite enabled.

This plugin works by creating a .htaccess files in the directory of each secured file. If you manually edit the .htaccess file and it becomes corrupt (a 500 Internal Server Error is the most likely symptom), the author recommends deleting the .htaccess file and then edit and save each secured item in the media library.

Download and info: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/htaccess-secure-files/

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