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Easyfileshop by Felix Koch enables you to sell files as downloads. Easyfileshop concentrates on what is realy needed for selling files as downloads.

Selling files is much easier than selling t-shirts in different sizes and colors. So you don’t need to learn a full featured shop system. For each post or page you may upload a file and set a price. Easyfileshop creates a fully customizable paypal checkout button for you. The files are stored inside a secure access protected folder on your server. After the payment is verified the buyer receives a customizable email with a personal download link.

Plugin homepage: http://www.felixkoch.de/easyfileshop/

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  1. Diane says:

    Hi Felix,

    Very nice plugin, thank you.

    I am not up and running yet, was playing around with the plugin and it works fine but I have this really large download…is there a way to add multiple downloads for one price so that I can split this up?

    Again thank you for your brilliance.


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