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BuddyPress is a free open source social networking software package that transforms WordPress into a social network platform.

BuddyPress Links Plugin

BuddyPress Links plugin by MrMaz is a drop in link and rich media sharing component for BuddyPress 1.2.x. Members can: Create and manage links from their profile Assign links to a category Control the visibility […]

CubePoints Buddypress Integration Plugin

CubePoints Buddypress Integration plugin by xberserker and thekmen adds CubePoints support to Buddypress. Reward members using your BuddyPress portion of your website by giving them points! You can change these values or disable them in […]

Buddystream Plugin for WordPress

BuddyStream is a BuddyPress plugin by lackphantom that will synchronize all of your favorite Social Networks to the BuddyPress activity stream. The plugin is easy to set-up, operate, and for your members to use. Each […]

TikiPress BuddyPress Plugin

TikiPress plugin by GetShopped.org and Paul Gibbs combines wp-e-Commerce and BuddyPress allowing people to create events, gather statisics and sell tickets as products. Create events, tickets as products, attendees everything you need to organize events. […]

RS Buddypress Activity Refresh Plugin

RS Buddypress Activity Refresh plugin by spitzohr will check automatically for new activities and comments and add them to the activity stream. The JavaScript file “refresh.js” will send every 10 seconds an ajax request to […]

Forum Attachments for BuddyPress Plugin

Forum Attachments for BuddyPress plugin by _ck_, boonebgorges and cuny-academic-commons gives members the ability to upload attachments on their posts. It’s a port of a plugin originally created for bbPress by ck. See the original […]

Join The Social World With BuddyPress

David Fiedler has written an interesting article “WordPress For the Web Developer: Join The Social World With BuddyPress” at HTML Goodies. The article introduces basic BuddyPress features, plugins needed and basic set-up. BuddyPress is an […]

BuddyPress No Mentions Plugin

BuddyPress No Mentions plugin by r-a-y disables the @mentions capability in BuddyPress. By default, the plugin uses inline CSS to hide a few elements. These can be removed by following instructions in the plug faq’s. […]

Suffusion BuddyPress Pack Plugin

Suffusion BuddyPress Pack plugin by sayontan provides compatibility for the Suffusion WordPress Theme with BuddyPress. It is based on the BuddyPress template pack for building the basic templates, except that the template markup has been […]

BP Code Snippets for BuddyPress

BP Code Snippets plugin by imath requires BuddyPress and adds to BuddyPress groups the ability to share safely code snippets. Only registered members of a group can submit new code snippets or add a comment […]

BuddyPress Verified Plugin

BuddyPress Verified plugin by modemlooper allows admins to specify verified accounts like on Twitter. Adds a check on user profiles. BuddyPress is social networking in a box. Build a social network for your company, school, […]

BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation Plugin

BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation plugin by nuprn1, will restrict creating groups and group settings to certain WP Capabilities and various member thresholds (forum posts, friends, status updates, days since registered, achievements) In addition, this plugin […]