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BP Code Snippets for BuddyPress

BP Code Snippets plugin by imath requires BuddyPress and adds to BuddyPress groups the ability to share safely code snippets.

Only registered members of a group can submit new code snippets or add a comment to one of the code snippets of the group. In the Admin section of groups, it is possible to enable or disable languages. Group admins or Group mods can moderate snippets submissions or comments.

In WordPress administration, under the BuddyPress menu, You can manage the look and feel of code snippets and disable/enable the component for groups. You can also disable/enable the member area or the Snippets Public Directory view.

Since version 1.3.1, it’s now possible to add snippets from groups into regular posts or forum posts. It’s also possible to add your own snippet using the tab “Add your own snippet”. To enable this feature, you’ll need to set the options in WordPress administration in the BuddyPress submenu ‘Code Snippets Manager’.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bp-code-snippets/

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