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Google Maps WordPress Plugin

Google Maps is a WordPress plugin by Arrow Plugins and Muti Ullah with many customization option from markers to map styles.

Create google maps as you want, place as many markers as you like, customize your maps, markers and edit or manage them anytime with 90+ of Google Map styles. More than 50 markers to add on your map to show your custom location with Marker Windows to give info for your location on your map.

Drag & Drop Editor to easily position the markers on the map
100 Built-in Styles to choose the style that fits your website
Fullscreen Support to let your users navigate in fullscreen mode.
Language Support Supports for 50+ Languages
Manual Map Positions by entering longtitudes & latitudes
Search Query by entering your location address
Custom Zoom Level to set your location on your Maps
Multiple maps
Auto sign-in automatically sign-in using gmail
Disable Scroll disable map scroll to make map static
Load Google Maps API Allow Google Maps API to load, (should be checked)
Add Multiple markers
Delete markers support
Show info Windows on marker click
Show info Windows on marker hover over
Map Size set the custom width of the map
Map Size set the custom height of the map
Option to make map responsive
Set the title of Created Map
Markers animation on map load
Info-windows for markers
HTML Support use HTML in Marker info Windows
Refine marker position by dragging it to the right place
Select one of the six map types: Roadmap, Terrain, Satellite, Hybrid, Retro, Grayscale
Edit map anytime (change center, zoom, markers, map type, etc.)
Easily insert map into posts and pages
Responsive design for your website and your wordpress backend
Use the built-in shortcake

Download: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ap-google-maps/

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