WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

FixRunner Launch New WordPress Installation Service

FixRunner.com, the online e-learning and maintenance support service for WordPress, has announced the launch of a brand new WordPress installation service. The site is offering this for free to new website owners and WordPress beginners who want to power their blogs or businesses with WordPress.
WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) for websites and blogs. Sites such as The New York Times, CNN and Forbes operate online using WordPress as their CMS, as well as millions of popular and well known blogging sites.
FixRunner.com has launched its installation service as a way to help encourage new website owners to use WordPress and benefit from its dynamic capacity for customization, robust platform for media and pictures and attractive design layouts and themes.
Netanel Malka, Co-Founder of FixRunner.com made the announcement about the WordPress installation service in the following statement that was released to the press.
“WordPress is notable for being an extremely effective, user-friendly and learnable platform upon which anyone can run their website. FixRunner.com would like to help introduce this to WordPress beginners by offering them the benefit of a free WordPress installation service and beginners support package. This will allow website owners to have all of the tools in place to start creating content for their site and start publicizing their online business safe in the knowledge that the site has been correctly installed with WordPress and all of the necessary components.”
The statement continued, “We know that the world of websites can seem daunting at first, perhaps even a little intimidating. This is why FixRunner.com is ready to be with bloggers or e-commerce sites right from the beginning of their WordPress journey.”
The installation service can also be enjoyed alongside other complimentary benefits. FixRunner.com features a large video tutorial library, explaining how to upload posts, manage media and understand the basics of WordPress. For those who are becoming more adept at using the system, solutions to common problems, top lists of plugins and themes and advanced tips and tricks are also available.
Users can access all of FixRunner.com’s resources by signing up for a WP account. This will give them access to WP College, the site’s e-learning center, and a number of other premium features.
Subscribers to the site’s newsletter can also keep abreast of new developments within the WordPress sphere. To sign up or to learn about the support given to WordPress Beginners or a variety of paid website maintenance packages and one-time fix options, visit: http://www.fixrunner.com/.

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