WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress Buddy Launched

WordPress Buddy, a WordPress-focussed website installation and customization service based in Ontario, Canada has launched its new website with their new Premium WordPress Theme service which will concentrate on helping new bloggers get started using WordPress as a Content Management System easily and affordably.

Worpress is the simplest blogging software. It’s very easy to use, and very extendable with thousands and thousands of themes and plugins available. You can use it to create static websites as well as use it as a blogging platform, and its Search Engine (SEO) friendly.

As a most efficient and affordable WordPress Blog service in Canada, WordPress Buddy hopes their new website will enhance the way they serve their customers providing a turn-key solution to the installation and customization needs of those people and businesses wanting to begin a blog or use WordPress as a Content Management Service, but who lack the skills necessary to get started.
WordPress Buddy launched officially on June 1st, 2010, offering its customers 5 popular blog templates, with 35 possible variations, and which can be customized in over 1100 layout combinations.

“WordPress Buddy is the best way for people to get started with WordPress.” Says WordPress Buddy spokesperson, “Most people getting started with blogging, don’t really want to spend the countless hours learning the ins and outs of setting up a website, and the industry standard of only offering support through developer forums is often a frustrating experience for many people starting out. With WordPress Buddy bloggers can get up and running online at a professional level for the same cost of purchasing a premium WordPress theme.”

As a dedicated WordPress service provider, WordPress Buddy offers their customers a “Standard Service Pack” that includes a Premium WordPress Theme , popular and premium plugins, full installation and set up service, as well as site customization, all for one low price of $125, plus applicable taxes, for a self-hosted site – a sales package that would usually cost several hundred dollars.

For those clients that want a complete turn-key solution, WordPress Buddy also offers a Hosted option. With the “Standard Service Pack with Hosting,” WordPress Buddy clients also get their website hosting included for a package price of only $249.

To view the WordPress Themes and Services available visit the WordPress Buddy website, http://www.wp-buddy.ca

About WordPress Buddy

WordPress Buddy is an, Ontario-based Website Development Company that specializes in WordPress Theme services. The team at WordPress Buddy is a group of highly experienced professionals best known for their approach, prompt delivery and customer service. For more information about WordPress Buddy, visit http://www.wp-buddy.ca

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