WordPress Webinar to Show How to Build a SEO Friendly Website

On November 29th and 30th at 3:00pm Eastern (GMT-5), B. Hopkins of Psiphon Consulting / Morewebsiteexposure.com, a Denver Based Internet Strategy Company, will give a webinar series on how to create a complete website in WordPress, and set it up so that it is more SEO friendly and requires less work to maintain. The topics that will be covered include everything from HOW to easily enhance a WordPress blog to drive more traffic easily to it website and WHAT the website owner needs to do to add the features and functions that will allow them to receive the maximum benefit from their blogging platform. Topics will also include how to create a landing page and how to create a ‘contact us’ form submission page. Participants will learn the “must have” plug-ins and widgets that will help their blog become a full-featured web site and how to set up the basic settings as well as the plug-in settings.

“The great thing about WordPress, is that it offers the small business owner more affordable solutions than ever before, especially when it comes to creating an effective and efficient web presence.” said Hopkins. “With all of the plug-ins that are available which extend the functionality of this already flexible blogging platform, there is nothing most small business owners would need in addition to installing the WordPress software and available plug-ins on their site at Wodpress.org. It is easy to automate some of the more tedious blogging tasks as well as really optimize a website for SEO as well. Only specific and highly customized situations would require another solution outside of WordPress, and for most small business owners, that is usually not the case.”

For those who want to register for either or both of these webinars, they can do so at WordPress Training Or http://psiphonconsulting.com/workshops

There is space for 100 attendees, for either workshop and is on a first come first serve basis. Those that cannot attend the live event will receive a copy of the webinar recording to be able to view it later and have it in their library. This workshop is specifically designed for Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Marketing professionals, Small business owners, and Web designers.

About Psiphon Consulting/Morewesiteexposure.com

B. Hopkins, founder of Morewebsiteexposure.com/Psiphon Consulting, an Internet Business Consulting company, works with small to mid-sized service oriented businesses that are ready to use their website to connect more strongly with their target market to be able to increase the business they get over the Internet. They have been positioning businesses powerfully on the Internet through their specialized Internet business strategies and have been teaching via webinars on how to use WordPress and how to write articles since 2004, and have been a web programming company since 2001.

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