WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 announced

WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 is now available for download announced wordpress.org. “This is software still in development and we really don’t recommend that you run it on a production site — set up a test site just to play with the new version.”

What’s new in 3.6:

Post Formats: Post Formats now have their own UI, and theme authors have access to templating functions to access the structured data.

Twenty Thirteen: We’re shipping this year’s default theme in our first release of the year. Twenty Thirteen is an opinionated, color-rich, blog-centric theme that makes full use of the new Post Formats support.

Audio/Video: You can embed audio and video files into your posts without relying on a plugin or a third party media hosting service.

Autosave: Posts are now autosaved locally. If your browser crashes, your computer dies, or the server goes offline as you’re saving, you won’t lose the your post.

Post Locking: See when someone is currently editing a post, and kick them out of it if they fall asleep at the keyboard.

Nav Menus: Nav menus have been simplified with an accordion-based UI, and a separate tab for bulk-assigning menus to locations.

Revisions: The all-new revisions UI features avatars, a slider that “scrubs” through history, and two-slider range comparisons.

Download 3.6 Beta 1 and more info at: http://wordpress.org/news/2013/04/wordpress-3-6-beta-1/

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