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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Online Backup for WordPress

Backup Technology, developers of the free Online Backup for WordPress, have recently been included in ComputerWorld.com’s top 10 shortlist of backup plugins for WordPress. The plugin, which has been available for WordPress since 2010, hit 100,000 downloads in September of 2012, and this is yet another milestone for one of the most useful and widely used WordPress plugins available. At the last count, there have been over 225,000 downloads of the plugin.

Online Backup for WordPress

The article reviews a range of plugins available for the backup of WordPress websites and blogs. Backup Technology’s WordPress plugin is a free application described by ComputerWorld as “an outstanding plugin” with a feature set that can rival many of the paid-for plugins available. The list of features includes;

• Encryption
• Compression
• Automatic backups
• Free storage space
• User support forum

Perhaps the most important feature in that list is the encryption of data. With all cloud-based products security is one of the most important features for user satisfaction and without it a product will struggle to become a widespread success. Backup Technology’s Online Backup plugin is one of the few free applications available to offer encryption and this is one of the features that raises it above the rest.

Other features include:

• Configuration checklist to help get you started
• Scheduled backups
• Downloaded on demand backups in ZIP file
• Incremental Forever Backups
• Exclude unwanted files or folders
• Backup the WordPress parent folder if your WordPress blog is only part of your website
• Free 100 MB online storage available in secure data centres

As well as this impressive feature set, the Online Backup plugin is reliable. Backup Technology is yet to experience a drop in service or any such period of unavailability. Testament to the reliability of the plugin is the number of times it has been downloaded, which as already mentioned, surpassed the 225,000 mark in September.

There are plans for further development of the Online Backup plugin, these include;

• Local backups
• Multi-site backups
• Automated Restore

Download the plugin and protect your blog and website now at:


Visit Backup Technology’s website for more information on their services for Word Press, Online Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: www.backup-technology.com.

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