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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Set Up WordPress Test Environment using MAMP on OSX

WPMU has posted an interesting article “Set Up A Killer WordPress Test Environment Locally using MAMP on OSX.”


Harley Alexander writes, “The coolest part about MAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP) is that you can basically have your own local server running (duh!) with custom domain names. These domain names aren’t accessible to the rest of the world, but when you’re constantly looking at WordPress, it’s kinda nice to not see the default “localhost:8888″ as your URL for everything. This server CAN, however, be visited by your local Windows setup.
The End Result

At the end of this article, you’ll have a nice WordPress MS site in which you can create multiple blogs (with multiple themes to test). You’ll also have a Windows Virtual Machine in which you can check out the aforementioned sites in Internet Explorer (god forbid!), and so on.”

Read full article at: http://wpmu.org/local-wordpress-test-environment-mamp-osx/

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