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Install WordPress Without A Domain Name

Miriam Schwab writing on WPGarage.com has published an interesting article that explains how to install WordPress without using a domain name.

“Here’s the scenario: you’ve got a client who has a website up and running on their domain name, www.mysite.com. You are creating a new WordPress site for them, but their old site needs to stay up until the very last minute. It would be great to be able to get their whole WordPress site installed and ready to go on a live server (i.e. not your localhost on your computer), and switch the domain’s DNS and voila – the new site replaces the old site almost immediately.

But you can’t really install and work with WordPress on a server that doesn’t have a domain name pointed at it. So here’s how you can fake this by making your computer think that the new site installation should be displayed as www.mysite.com”

Mike Little has added a comment on the article says “This technique is not Windows only. It works on Linux/Unix and Mac (OSX) as well as all versions of Windows back to 3.1.”
Full Article at: http://wpgarage.com/tips/install-wordpress-without-domain-name/

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