Cloudinary Free CDN Announced

Cloudinary have announced its free CDN service for WordPress. Their WordPress plugin lets you use their free cloud storage for your images and take advantage of caching, optimization, image effects and more.

Cloudinary also features other optimization features:

Images are smartly cached for performance optimization
Images are automatically optimized and compressed so they are delivered faster to your visitors
Meta data is stripped out

Image formats – easily convert image formats and modify image quality.
Apply effects & filters – sharpen, sepia, saturation, grayscale, black & white, hue, brightness, oil paint, pixelate, vignette, add borders.
Overlays & Text – add watermarks, add image overlay and underlay, add text to the image.
Face detection – face detection based cropping, thumbnail, multiple faces detection, pixelate faces.
Rotates & flips – Image rotation (90 degrees), arbitrary rotation, exif-based automatic rotation, vertical & horizontal flips
Shape alteration – add rounded corners, crop to ellipses and circles.
Resize & crop – scale, fill, fit, pad, crop, limit, custom coordinates.
PDF Processing – extract pages, convert to images.

In order to use the CDN, you’ll need to register for a free account. Cloudinary offers a generous, fully-featured free plan which includes:
500 MB Storage
50,000 Images
1 GB Monthly Bandwidth

Cloudinary image management plugin:

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