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WordPress Announcements News and Info

NorseCorp Announces IPVenger Live Cloud Security for WordPress

NorseCorp, the provider of live cyber threat intelligence solutions to reduce eCommerce fraud, secure high-value data, and better secure enterprise networks, today announced the launch of IPVenger(TM), the first live cloud security solution for web content management systems.

Powered by Norse’s IPViking live cyber threat intelligence, IPVenger is a plug-in and SaaS security service for open-source CMS platforms and will first be available for WordPress, with Drupal(TM) and Joomla!(R) versions to follow. IPVenger protects websites from malicious and high-risk Internet traffic and blocks comment spam, malware, botnets and zero-hour exploits. IPVenger adapts to new threats automatically, assessing the risk level of any IP address attempting to access a website and blocking those deemed malicious or high risk.

The biggest shift in Internet security over the last decade is the surge in cybercrime and malicious hacking from automated hacking programs and botnets. WordPress, which powers nearly 70 million websites, has become a prime target for hackers and cybercriminals, and IPVenger is designed to significantly reduce the vulnerability of WordPress developed sites operated by individuals, small and medium businesses, enterprise-level companies, agencies and organizations responsible for multiple domains. IPVenger represents an important new layer of protection in Web security and gives website owners and operators a more effective defense against zero-hour vulnerabilities and threats by identifying and blocking threats before they can enter a site to cause damage.

“Today’s security solutions lack the computing power to process the massive volume of Internet security threats that are out there and constantly changing,” said Tommy Stiansen, CTO of NorseCorp. “IPVenger makes it possible for small site operators and large companies alike to secure their websites more effectively than ever by using our live cyber threat intelligence to block malicious and high-risk traffic.”

Benefits of IPVenger

IPVenger protects WordPress sites from malicious and high-risk site traffic and continually adapts to the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, meaning its protection is never out of date. The major benefits of IPVenger for website owners and operators include:

— Live Cloud Security – IPVenger is the only live cloud-based security solution for content management systems that instantly assesses the risk level of Web traffic using live data before that traffic enters a site. IPVenger is based on NorseCorp’s IPViking technology, the first security solution to harness Big Data analytics of live Internet traffic to deliver actionable cyber threat intelligence for protecting websites, applications, enterprise networks and ecommerce applications.

— Live Security Analytics – A graphics-rich dashboard gives site owners and administrators real-time traffic analytics that provide a live picture of site traffic and high-risk and malicious threats attempting to gain access to the site. Site owners and administrators can fine tune their settings, automatically blocking traffic from specific IP addresses or entire countries, as well as drill into the details to see which IP addresses were blocked and why.

— Seamless CMS Integration – IPVenger is simple to install and easy to configure. WordPress users need only install the plug-in, enter their API key, and choose the level of protection that they need for their site with one click. For site owners that need more control, IPVenger is fully customizable, allowing them to fine tune and adjust the level of security based on website functionality or business needs.

— SEO Friendly Architecture – Unlike other security solutions that use DNS redirection, IPVenger does not impact a site’s search engine ranking and can never take a site down, an important consideration for individuals and businesses when comparing potential security tools and applications.

“IPVenger has provided us the added security at an individual site level that we needed to assure the safety of our customer sites, as well as their data,” said Kayle McLean, developer for goBRANDgo!, a Web development and marketing agency.

As part of the launch of IPVenger, Norse will be sponsoring and supporting upcoming WordCamp events including Atlanta (March 15th-16th) and San Diego (March 23-24th) as well as publishing an eBook, WordPress Security: Making your Site Safe in a New Era of Cyber Threats, designed to help beginner and novice WordPress users better secure their sites and blogs.

About Norse Corporation

NorseCorp is redefining IT security and fraud prevention as the only provider of true live cyber-threat intelligence. Norse’s patent-pending IPViking technology continuously monitors the Internet for malicious high-risk network traffic and cyber threats. Using proprietary big data analytics, IPViking turns this data into live actionable threat intelligence, enabling enterprises to prevent financial fraud, enhance network security and protect against breaches through websites, applications, e-commerce systems, and network connected devices. For more information about NorseCorp and IPViking, please visit www.norse-corp.com

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